Video and audiobooth with Raspberry pi 3b

Building a videobooth and photobooth in one using the Raspberry Pi3b.
I wanted to build a Videobooth for a weekend with kids from school, so they can record video messages and photos that can be used in the movie of the weekend.

During my research I found a lot of Photobooth solution but no Videobooth.

Eventually I made a hybrid solution with.
1. Picam, adding a webcam mircophone for audio
2. Raspistill for taking a photo.

The advantage of picam is that video and audio don’t have synchronisation issues.

I also wanted a multi input solution.
1. Screen
2. Button to start recording or taks picture.

A working concept is shown below.
It is a work in progress that needs to be ready end of may 2019.

The 3,5 inch LCD display seems to small, so using a 7 inch tablet (therefor the pi is configured as access point) will probably the solution.

Front and backend are programmed using Python. Flask is used for webfront. Tkinter for normal GUI.